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Recipe Challenge #6 Choc Nibble Milk

It’s the weekend and it’s all about #SuperSaturdayShakes! @Pinksandi’s Choc Nibble Milk in just a few easy steps, add ice cream or a few strawberries for a fruity twist mmmm! #NationalChocolateWeek

Choc Nibble Milk

What you need :

300ml whole milk 200g Choc Nibbles, Original or Jammie

How to make :

  • Put the Choc Nibbles in a bowl, pour over milk and leave in the fridge over night.

  • Drain the Choc Nibbles out of the milk by passing through a sieve

  • Serve milk chilled

See more from Alessandra on Twitter @Pinksandi and Instagram @pinksandii.

For more information about National Chocolate Week, 10th – 16th October, and events check out their website or follow the hashtag #NationalChocolateWeek on social media.


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