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Until Midnight 15th Dec with code XMAS23

Everyone loves a nibble at Christmas!

Tis' time for the festive season!


Break the tradition of the same old, same old chocolate and give the gift of Nobbly Nibbles!

We've goody box gifts galore, that you'll only find in our store.

With new Christmas Pud, and Birthday Cake back for good (hooray!) there's a little nibble for everyone.

Jars, bars and treat bags ... oooh now what to choose!!  


Remember, once you've nibbled, you're nobbled!


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Choc Nibbles

Welcome to Choc Nibbles, where we craft the nibbliest, nobbliest chocolate treats you'll ever taste! Indulge in our irresistible combination of chocolate, caramel, and biscuit for a truly unique experience.

Join our chocolate revolution today!

Quirky and unique Choc Nibbles!

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Grab Bags

Sharing bags with the nibbliest nobbliest chocolate.

Perfect for sharing (or not!)

Chunky chocolate bars packed full of Original Choc Nibbles

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New! Mint and Orange Choc
Nibbles Chocolate Bars

Choc Nibbles Chocolate Bars


A whole jar of Nibbles!

Our Choc Nibbles jars are sure to delight the biggest nibbles fans.

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Choc Nibbles is a delicious range of chocolatey treats, loved by adults and children alike. 

It’s the special way that we blend, tweak and refine each and every batch which makes them so utterly and delectably moreish.


With lots of fantastic products and flavours, our range is quirky and unique; there is not, never has been and never will be anything quite like it…!

Available throughout the UK.

Contact Us

Unit 2A, Admiral Business Park, Cramlington, NE23 1WG

01670 738 435

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