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#ShowUsYourNibble Competition

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

There’s excellent news if you’re a Choc Nibbles fan, as Posh Choc Nibbles, the luxury alternative, is now available to buy exclusively from high street retailer B&M.

Well known for their moreish and addictive taste, the new the combination of chocolate, caramel, biscuits, nuts and milk chocolate makes Posh Choc Nibbles the go-to snack if your sweet tooth is craving something a little more indulgent.

Available in snack-size 185g bags, these classy bites have made their royal tribute in B&M stores across the UK, alongside the other classic variety of flavours.

Posh Choc Nibbles earned their posh title after they received a tasty upgrade. Building on the delicious recipe of best-selling ‘Original Choc Nibbles’ they have been all poshed up with a classy coating of smooth milk chocolate.

To celebrate the launch, people across the UK are encouraged to join in the fun by showing their nibble to the world! That’s right, #ShowUsYourNibble aims to attract individuals to take a photo with their Posh Choc Nibbles, in a posh manner or luxury environment. Whether you’re eating your tiny treat using your best silverware, alongside a glass of prosecco or nibbling in a ball gown, it’s important you show off your nibble as the most creative will be awarded a month’s supply of Posh Choc Nibbles!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Nibble… in a fancy location: #ShowUsYourNibble outside the poshest place you can find. Bonus points if you don’t get caught.

2. Nibble… using your best silverware: Why wait for the Queen to visit before getting out the best crockery? Nibble from a silver platter, out of a champagne glass or using ‘that’ silverware. Go on, you only live once.

3. Nibble… in your fanciest outfit: Thought you’d never wear that dress? Think again! Your nibble will look amazing in your fanciest frock or best suit. Even better if it is paired with the family diamonds.

Upload your photos to our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtag #ShowUsYourNibble by midnight March 31st 2017 for a chance to #WIN a months supply of Choc Nibbles. A panel of judges at Sweetdreams Ltd will select a winner and the winner will be notified on Thursday 6th April 2017.


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