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Introducing our brand new chunky chocolate bar bundles. All your favourite flavours, Original, Mint and Orange Choc Nibbles  in delicious, and super chunky, 180g chocolate bars! 
And in one letterbox friendly delivery.
1 x 180g Original Choc Nibbles Chocolate Bar
1 x 180g Mint Choc Nibbles Chocolate Bar
1 x 180g Orange Choc Nibbles Chocolate Bar

Choc Nibbles Chunky Chocolate Bars Bundle

  • Choc Nibbles Chocolate Bars
    They’re cheeky, chunky and pack in everything you love about Choc Nibbles - the nibbly nobbles, the crumbly biscuit texture, the moreish taste and that oh so UNIQUE nibbly nobbles experience! In Original, Orange and Mint flavours!

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