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Recipe Challenge #4 – Choc Nibble Ice Cream

Summer may be finally coming to an end, yet day 4 of Choc Nibbles Recipe Challenge is a very cool number, Choc Nibbles Ice Cream!

Let’s face it, ice cream is great to enjoy any day of the year! Whilst we’ve always known Choc Nibbles in any flavour are great as a topping on ice cream, thanks to @Pinksandi you can now make Choc Nibble flavoured ice cream, yum

What you need :

100g Choc Nibbles spread – (see previous recipe #1) 150g sugar 225ml whole milk 450ml double cream

How to make :

  • Prepare ice cream machine as per appliance instructions

  • Mix milk, cream and sugar until sugar has dissolved then chill for 1/2 an hour

  • Pour into ice cream machine

  • After around 20 minutes add the spread

  • After 30 minutes add additional broken up Choc Nibbles

Eat as desired, from the ice cream machine with a spoon, from a bowl, in a cone or with a shovel!! … It’s that good!

See more from Alessanda on Twitter @Pinksandi and Instagram @pinksandii.

For more information about National Chocolate Week, 10th – 16th October, and events check out their website or follow the hashtag #NationalChocolateWeek on social media.


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